Carolina Wallis, Design and Printing.

I´m graphic designer, and very skillful on craft activities, but my biggest passion is the illustration, specially kawaii style . I love to create characters and add to them a lot of color. See my illustrations applied to products in various textures and surfaces, it gives me great satisfaction.

Ricardo Montilla, Design and Concept.

As a professional graphic designer, I have had great experience in EcosSport because it allows me to develop my potential through my interests, which include photography, illustration, film and sport. For me, design is an inseparable part of everyday life.

Diego Wallis, Design and Concept.

Soy una persona trabajadora, siempre buscando un bien común para todos, me gustan los deportes y la naturaleza. Soy Diseñador Gráfico con una amplia experiencia en diferentes áreas en las artes gráficas y trabajé como docente en una institución educativa en Colombia.

Carlos Marín, Design and Concept.

I'm Graphic Designer, restless, always in a constant quest to improve the functionality and appearance of my environment, besides establish a close connection between design, my passion for cycling and photography. As an athlete, I am part of the quality control of our garments, always attentive to the details of each product.

Jennifer Cortés, Fashion Designer.

I´m Fashion Designer, specialized in patternmaking, always dedicated in my work in order to improve and achieve a good product. Open to new ideas and concepts, I enjoy dancing and music in all its expressions. I am excited to learn new things about my profession and life, and I think there is some magic in turning a simple piece of fabric into a genuine piece.


Sebastian Paniagua, Web Master.

I'm a Science Computer student, with emphasis for development on web platform, Java and mobile devices with Android. I'm responsible, I like to learn continuously and every day I feel to grow as person and professional.